About this site

EdReady™ is a personalized college math and English readiness platform designed to help learners test their college readiness, see study options, and gain a personalized learning path to fill in knowledge gaps. EdReady™ is designed and maintained by The NROC Project, a community-guided non-profit.

EdReady™ is available at no cost for personal use at EdReady.org. EdReady™ is also available to many students through any a number of institutional versions that have been customized for specific educational needs and outcomes. Institutions that are sustaining members of The NROC Project are entitled to a custom version of EdReady™ (e.g. YourInstitution.EdReady.org). For more information contact membership@theNROCproject.org.

Depending on the version you are accessing, EdReady™ can be useful in a number of different ways, including:

  • middle- and high-school students looking for personalized pathways to advance their math or English skills.
  • high-school students seeking to better understand their current strengths and weaknesses in math or English, see study options, and obtain a personalized learning path to fill in knowledge gaps.
  • high-school graduates who want to ensure that they avoid remedial (non-credit-bearing college-preparation) classes in the colleges they plan to attend.
  • students of any age who are unsure of which colleges or employment pathways to pursue.
  • adult basic education students (e.g., GED seekers) who want personalized recommendations for educational resources that can improve their math or English skills.
  • adults returning to college who may need to double-check and refresh their math or English skills so they can immediately begin taking credit-bearing courses.

As a user of EdReady™, you can select among one or more areas of study in math or English and test yourself on your readiness for that material. After you launch a study path, you will take a initial diagnostic to generate a rough map of your projected strengths and weaknesses as well as information to help you understand your readiness for the curriculum, school, or other program of interest. If needed and desired, EdReady™ will then provide a custom course of study, including a selection of recommended resources, specifically personalized to your needs. By pursuing the course of study, you can improve your math or English knowledge and get better prepared to achieve your educational aspirations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

EdReady™ can be offered at no cost because The NROC Project is supported by its institutional members as well as leading philanthropies such as The Bill & Melinda Gates and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundations. The NROC Project's mission is to help meet society's need for access to effective, high-quality educational opportunities in an era of rapid economic, social, and personal change. We strive to provide resources and applications free-of-charge to all people who need them. As an individual, you will never be charged to access the public version of EdReady™.

EdReady™ is one of several inter-related projects and offerings from The NROC Project. You can learn more about The NROC Project and Hippocampus by visiting the links provided here. We also operate under the legal name Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE).

We invite you to join the conversation about all things EdReady™ at our community site. This site is an open forum for teachers, administrators, students, and anyone else to ask questions of each other, suggest possible improvements to EdReady™, and share expertise.

Join us! Email membership@theNROCproject.org.